Learn more about Exterior Home Solutions LLC'S recent work requests in Knoxville, TN
Amherst Road in Knoxville
Looking to have siding installed on an exterior wall with 2 windows. The wall is 8' tall x 30' wide.
Lyndell Road in Knoxville
Roofing over garage is deteriorated need to replace. Would like to discuss entire metal replacement as well.
Kingsmore Dr in Knoxville
Affordable Vinyl siding
Foley Dr. in Knoxville
We are looking at a new roof, some replacement windows, and adding on a front porch to our home.
Dandridge Avenue in Knoxville
Getting ready to sell, don't need 50 year roof, about 30 Square needed, maybe some repair needed
Arthur Street in Knoxville
Hello, I'm looking for a quote for prepainted Hardie siding on the outside of the home. Email is the best way to contact me. I can meet someone there if they need to see the home. Thanks!
Shady Springs Ln in Knoxville
I am looking for an estimate on repairing multiple pieces of siding on our house. We have Hardi Board siding and our house was built in 1990, so there are some boards that appear to have some damage. Thank you.
Cherry Grove Rd in Knoxville
I need a quote on a repair for our roof.
Wichita Drive in Knoxville
I need my roof repaired. I need two new boots and one plywood under one boot then the rest of the roof done with asphalt shingles and there are 20 squares and that does include the over hang
Rockcrest Rd in Knoxville
Inspection for damage after hail storm
Oakhurst Drive in Knoxville
I would like to replace the siding on my home. The house was built in 1939 and we think (but are not certain) that the current siding is asbestos. We would like to match the color and appearance of the current siding as closely as possible. We may be putting the house on the market later this year. We would consider either vinyl or fiber cement siding depending on cost, durability (resale value impact) and appearance.
We would like a quote on metal roofing for our home
Ashland Ave in Knoxville
Water damage on ceiling of one of m bedrooms. Roof visually seems to be sagging in that area of the roof.
Glen Abbey Blvd in Knoxville
Need new window and change existing vinyl siding
Dillfield Lane in Knoxville
I would like to put new siding and guttering on my house.
Elderwood Rd in Knoxville
I have a few pieces of siding coming lose and one small piece that has come completly off.
Armstrong Ave in Knoxville
Weathered siding on the West side of the house
Avondale Ave in Knoxville
I have a leak on my back porch roof but I'd also just like to have my roof inspected to see if the whole thing needs to be replaced.
Longcress Dr in Knoxville
Our roof has a couple of places that have been damaged by tree limbs, a few missing shingles and possibly lifting shingles.
Pheasants Glen Dr in Knoxville
Need to replace siding on out home. The siding we have was recalled now absorbs water.
Zirkle Drive in Knoxville
I am looking for a roofing company that my husband and I can make payments every month because we can't make one huge total payment of a lump sum.
Lambent Lane in Knoxville
Rook leak: hear drip around fireplace
Edenbridge Way in Knoxville
I need to replace a small section of my siding and need a estimate on how much it will costs.
Bob White Road in Knoxville
Unattatched one story two car garage
Huckleberry Springs Rd in Knoxville
Have wind damage and some water damage
Meadowtop Ln in Knoxville
Had several shingles blown off, need estimate to repair, also estimate for roof replacement
Churchwell Ave in Knoxville
Looking for quote on fixing soffit vents for 5/6 soffits in attic
Island Home Blvd in Knoxville
I would like to get a quote for having fiber cement siding installed on this house using 4 inch overlap.
Lacy Rd in Knoxville
Would like to have a metal roof put on. Would like an estimate for shingles and metal..
Lyle Bend Lane in Knoxville
Kern Rd in Knoxville
Yates Lane in Knoxville
Roof replacement. Something like GAF dimensional . Weathered color
Sierra Vista Lane in Knoxville
Client wants estimate for siding on back of home. Referred by internet. Appointment made
Legacy View Way in Knoxville
Storm damage to shingles and soffit.
Kenesaw Ave in Knoxville
Requesting service to repair a leak by a large window. Window has a flat ledge Appointment set
Saga Lane in Knoxville
Caller looking for roof replacement. Provided contact information. Found company online. Appointment set.
E Magnolia Ave in Knoxville
Requesting a quote for roof repair. customer was referred by word of mouth . appointment set.
Mascarene Rd in Knoxville
Siding and Windows
Bluegrass Road in Knoxville
Purchased home in Jan, 2016. Previous owners had roof replaced in 2011. Apparently, the roofers eliminated the ridge vents and simply capped the peak with shingles. A 2.5 inch wide gap at the peak exists in the roof sheathing. This leads me to believe the original roof had ridge vents. Plus, my neighbors (similar homes) have ridge vents. My attic reaches temps of 145-150F. 3 HVAC experts giving me estimates to replace A/C have said my attic is the hottest they have ever seen. Vents in roof overhang are blocked off by Styrofoam insulation (I'm correcting this myself). Soffit vents exist and are not blocked. They provide enough free net area for adequate incoming air. I need this corrected as soon as possible.
Cheowa Cir in Knoxville
Attic fans non-functional need to be replaced. electrician sez roof holes too small to just swap out motor, need roofing co to replace.
Scenic View Drive in Knoxville
Leaking chimney cap, front porch damage to shingles, ridge vent, facia. Leak on back side of house.
Cooper Meadows Lane in Knoxville
I need a fence!
Phlox Lane in Knoxville
I'd like an estimate on vinyl siding for my house.
Lance Drive in Knoxville
Our home has wood pressboard siding that is rotting along the bottom of the house and where the two story part of the house meets the one story part. We have one piece that fell of recently - leaving a hole - so it is time to get repairs/replacement done! We are looking for new siding to replace/cover the old siding but of course want to be sure that the job is done well, especially given the problems with the underlying siding.
Venice Road in Knoxville
Estimate on window replacement and siding.
Pinen Dr in Knoxville
We are looking at the possibility of several home repairs. Roof. Siding. Gutters possibly. Just looking at options and affordability.
Watergrove Drive in Knoxville
I have siding damage on one side of the garage and possible repaint garage doors and siding.